NB: This Centre operates as a cash practice only. Payment is due on the day of consultation. The necessary documentation will then be provided to allow you to claim back from your medical aid, if applicable. Our fees are in line with current medical aid rates.

Please note: Travelling costs for any consultations away from the Centre, such as home- or school visits, will be charged at R4.50/km in accordance with AA guidelines.

Standard 50-55 minute consultation R789.47 R110.53 R900.00
Diagnostic Assessments for Social Communication Disorders:
- Pre-diagnostic assessment interview (50-55 minutes) R789.47 R110.53 R900.00
- ADIR/DISCO Diagnostic Assessment (2-3hr assessment) plus written report plus feedback session R3 947.37 R552.63 R4 500.00
- ADOS2 Team-based Diagnostic Assessment plus written report plus feedback session R3 947.37 R552.63 R4 500.00
- School observation (if required) Please note: For travelling to schools >15km from the Centre, additional travel costs will be charged according to distance travelled (R4.50/km). R789.47 R110.53 R900.00
Other Appointments
Home / School Visits (50-55 minutes) R789.47 R110.53 R900.00
Cognitive Assessment: Includes 2 hours testing and written report (feedback session not included) R2368.41 R331.59 R2 700.00
Cognitive and Scholastic Assessment: 3 hours testing and written report (feedback session not included) R3157.89 R442.11 R3 600.00
Other Written Reports
Summary Report (only upon specific request) R789.47 R110.53 R900.00
Telephone/email/written communication by psychologist on behalf of the client, including motivation letters to medical aids or any application forms: (Pro rata according to time required)
0-10 minutes R87.72 R12.28 R100.00
10-20 minutes R245.61 R34.39 R280.00
20-30 minutes R421.05 R58.95 R480.00
30-40 minutes R583.33 R81.67 R665.00
40-50 minutes R666.67 R93.33 R760.00
50-60 minutes R789.47 R110.53 R900.00
50-60 mins session, per group member R175.44 R24.56 R200.00
80-90 mins session, per group member R263.16 R36.84 R300.00
Group fees will be payable for a block of sessions (e.g. 8 or 10 sessions) prior to the onset of the group. Clients will still be able to claim back fees from their medical aid, where applicable.

Kindly note that a 24hr cancellation policy applies to all scheduled appointments. Any scheduled appointments not attended, without at least 24hrs notice, will incur a R450 cancellation fee.