The Neurodiversity Centre offers a wide range of services related to diagnostic and psychometric assessment, support and intervention, as well as education and training. Our services are evidence-based, underpinned by the most recent research and strongly influenced by feedback from our neurodivergent clients and community. We provide assessment and diagnostic services; environmental interventions including key-working with teachers and educational bodies; therapy and training aimed at supporting and enhancing the quality of life of clients and their families. Our wish is always for our clients to feel respected, understood and supported.  

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How does the process work?

Once you fill in the self-referral form on our website you will be assigned a therapist/key worker. An initial intake will be set up to establish what the most pressing needs are for you and/or your family. Your keyworker might be an educational, counselling, or clinical psychologist. Referrals are very carefully screened to ensure you reach the most appropriate resource.

Based on your needs, you may then be offered a full neurodevelopmental assessment or screening/ family support/ school or work-based observation/ training/ personal/ couple or family support. You may also be offered access to one of the many associates of the Neurodiversity Centre who can help with medication, occupational therapy, speech and language support, dietetics, neurology or other therapy. You will of course be a strong voice in your treatment recommendations, and we will listen to and respect what you feel would be manageable and helpful for you, your family, your organization, your practice or your school.  

An example of what this might look like:

Intake appointment:


Key-worker meets with you to gather background information, determine if an assessment is needed, and inform the intervention plan.
Assessment appointments:


Appointments at the Neurodiversity Centre are conducted under the guidance of a psychologist, along with the support of additional clinical team members as deemed necessary. Our evaluation process is designed to gather comprehensive information, and the duration of assessments may vary for each individual. Multiple sessions are scheduled to ensure thoroughness and accuracy in gathering the following information:
  • Detailed developmental, medical, and family history from parents or caregivers
  • Developmental or cognitive testing to assess thinking, learning, and problem-solving skills
  • Evaluation through structured or unstructured observation and conversation or play
  • Occupational therapy and/or speech and language assessment as needed
  • Neuropsychiatry, paediatric, or endocrinology assessment as needed
  • School or workplace observation as required
Feedback session


A feedback session is held after the assessment. At this meeting, our team discuss diagnostic impressions and recommendations.
Follow-up appointments


We hope to continue with support throughout the lifespan as and when needs arise. Therapy, intervention and psychoeducation are ongoing options. All intervention is individualised and person-specific.
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